Saturday, May 26, 2007

Edwards Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Braylon Edwards has gotten some great press lately. Sadly, it's all been off the field. But in a league where not getting arrested is practically grounds for commendation, Edwards' off-the-field endeavors are practically grounds for sainthood.

Edwards recently pledged $1 million to help fund scholarships for kids in the Cleveland Municipal School District. (Edwards Article)

I think it's refreshing to see someone in the NFL doing some good. I know Edwards isn't the only one donating money, time, and notoriety to good causes in the NFL, but it seems to be something very near to his heart, and there's a real urgency to help others. In short I think Edwards will follow his financial gift with time and care, and see that his foundation really does some good for underprivileged Cleveland kids.

Now lets hope he continues to bring that drive, care, and commitment to playing wide receiver for the Browns. Less drops, and more plays like the one pictured above. So, well done Braylon, you put your money where your mouth is off the field, now let's have you do it on the field as well.

PS - If you haven't checked out Braylon's website, do yourself a favor and click here! It's a good way...I think.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Don't know if I should look

You know when you are "researching" the internet, and something really vile pops up. Something with maybe some strange picture that you know should disgust you, but you have to look just to see if it is even possible.

..... Well, here is an example of on of those pictures. You know you want to puke, but there is something quite beautiful and intriguing about this really.