Monday, August 20, 2007

Browns v. Lions Recap

The story, of course, is Brady Quinn coming in and leading two Browns drives for touchdowns. However, the rest of the Browns inadequacies need to be discussed as well. Here are some thoughts:

  • The Viva Viagra commercial played 17 times during the game. If I am ever 40 years old and in a band singing about hurrying home to tap my wife.... kill me. I had nightmares about that advertisement. "This lonesome toad is sick of the road.... I can't wait to get home"...the bassist (awful).

  • Bernie Kosar should be a coach. He recognizes defenses, and play calls before they happen. Our own coaches and players don't see them as well as he does. He seems to know before a play happens whether it will be successful or not. I feel like Payton Manning has that same diagnosis ability, and he has the ability to change plays to avoid the ones that are doomed from the start. Wish our QB's could do the same.

  • On another note, Bernie was hilarious tonight. He had classic lines including, "Teddy Washington is 2 frosties short of 400 lbs." When referring to Lions DE Francis with the Hawaiian first name, he said," I have less than a zero percent chance of getting that right." He also claimed that he was not nearly the athlete that Leigh Bodden is. Good call Bernie.

  • Jamal Lewis is going to have 1200 yards and 10-15 TD's if he is healthy. I love watching him crack skulls with defenders. DB's get out of his way. (recall Earl Little)

  • DA has a great arm. That being said, he cannot manage an offense. He made great throws to Braylon, but his debacle from the one, was the worst Browns offensive display since a Doug Peterson led a Browns series. Timeout, false start, delay of game, timeout, interception. Wow.

  • Braylon is gonna be great this year. He is gliding out there. Great block too. I am concerned that JJ is so lost. We need more production from another wideout. JJ hasn't been involved in the offense at all so far.

  • Wimbley and Peek are as formidable a duo as Davey Boy and dynamite of the British Bulldogs. Wimbley is in the backfield on every play, and Peek mops up the messes he creates.

  • Leon Williams and D'Quell Jackson are more like Jim and Bret Hart of the Hart Foundation. They are not quite as good, but they are showing some great promise on the inside.

  • The Browns Defense is much better when Simon Fraser is not on the field. Every long run occurred up his hole. With the Smith's on the field and Teddy in the middle, the run defense was much better.

  • Mike Adams got his ass handed to him by TJ Duckett. BTW is Duckett gonna make the Lions. I wouldn't mind him as a second back.
  • Travis Wilson needs to take the reigns on the number three position at WR. He has the talent and the ability to get open. He needs to relax and play like he can. He can be our number two receiver by the end of the year.

  • The amount of false starts by the Browns was tragic.

  • After 3 straight unsuccessful fade routs thrown by Dorsey, how about a fade stop. Always worked in flag football.

  • Jerome Perry should no longer be on the team. He was so abused today. The end of the first half showed how bad he actually is.

  • Chaun Thompson actually showed some speed. He made some nice plays. Got blown up on the Duckett touchdown, but he was getting nice pressure on the QB in the second half.

  • Isaac Sowells showed why he was a fourth round selection. He was a beast on the screens, and played tough all night. I think he makes the team over Hoffman, Matua, and Rob Smith.

  • Brady Quinn looked fantastic. Many will say it was a prevent defense against sub par talent. That is true, but the decisions he was making were very encouraging. He moved through his progressions quickly, and made the smart decisions. He has command out there. When you watch Frye and Anderson, there are some management issues that Quinn doesn't seem to have. He didn't have to look to the sidelines to find out whether or not to spike it. He took what the defense allowed, and made solid throws. I was very encouraged by his performance.

  • All in all, the game was not good for the Browns. False starts, poor timeouts, turnovers, and awful red zone play again all led to being beaten by the Lions. They had 3 wins last year. Not good for us.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brady Quinn Debut

For those who didn't get to see the game yet, here are the BQ highlights.
I will have more thoughts after I get to watch the replay tonight on NFL network.