Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seperated At Birth

Jose Calderon of the Toronto Raptors and Pete Sampras. Seperated at Birth?

Browns Re-Sign Jamal Lewis

Remember when we were questioning if we could get used to Jamal Lewis in orange and brown? Could you now imagine him in any other uniform (save your jokes about a prison uniform...he's on our team now)? Jamal will be a part of the future of the Cleveland Browns as they have apparently come to terms on a 2 year deal (with an option for a third...unclear whether it is a team or player option).

I think this is a great move for both sides. Jamal recognized a good situation when he saw it. He has a chance to run behind a great offensive line with enough other weapons around him to keep defenses honest. The Browns got a tough, dependable runner who is great with the young running backs. There is nothing not to like about this one!