Friday, December 07, 2007

Quote of the Week

This is totally random and doesn't have anything to do with Football, but I had to post it. It's from my buddy Vince Martin, who's a stand-up comedian. The best part is, he wasn't really trying to be funny here!

"I was in Cleveland last weekend -- did one show Friday to 13 people and one show Saturday to 12 people. We stayed in a motel called the Oak Park Motel which -- I swear -- had a charge on the rate schedule of $20.00 for bloodstains. I thought that was a reasonable rate, though it says something about the quality of an establishment when they see bloodstains often enough that they have to install a charge for them."

C-Town baby!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Friends, I come to you with a conflicted soul. For weeks now, the Browns have been winning and playing an entertaining brand of football not seen in Cleveland for the last twenty years. Even in losses, the games are heart-stopping and, unlike previous years, we seem to be in them right until the very end. The offense hums like the 1987 Toyota Tercel that was my carriage throughout high school. However, because I’m a Browns fan, I can’t just enjoy the moment. I have to worry about everything that can and possibly will go wrong. I just can’t shake this certain feeling.

The inevitable conversation comes up about Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson and what the Browns are to do, which is sort of funny given the laughable QB situation the Browns have had for the past eight years. Is it possible for someone who was previously starving to have too much food?

Derek Anderson has performed so far above his head that his nose should bleed for a week to ten days. Not much was expected from this man with the Size 17s, but he has been a solid field general who has given Braylon and Kellen the opportunity to make plays while (mostly) limiting his mistakes. But be honest...are you really convinced that Derek Anderson is the long term answer at QB?

Despite our hopes, there is no way that Brady Quinn is going to be content sticking around as a backup and collecting backup money. We can try to fool ourselves into thinking that because Quinn grew up in Ohio and used to wear a Browns helmet, he’ll be ok just being a good soldier and doing whatever the team asks, but we would be kidding ourselves. No, at some point soon, a decision is going to have to be made between the two. If recent comments are any indication, the decision may have already been made.

Last week, Phil Savage was pretty guarded in his praise for Anderson. Here’s what Phil had to say:

''He's done an excellent job overall,'' Savage said. ''There have been some wobbly moments, some times when you wonder what's happening here. But at the end of games -- with no timeouts, backs against wall, do-or-die situations -- he's hit the key passes. That's something you can't really coach. Some of it's instinctual and some of it is just his personality. It's a good trait to have.''

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Yet, when the subject of Brady Quinn was brought up, here’s was Savage’s response:

Asked how he thinks Quinn would do in the still-developing Rob Chudzinski offense, Savage didn't hesitate. "I think Brady would plug in and do well," he said. "It's a pretty enviable cockpit to be riding in right now. You've got a pretty solid front line, got a very motivated Kellen Winslow, you've got Braylon Edwards making the catches that he's made on the perimeter, Joe Jurevicius, a pretty solid running game. I think Brady would do well."

It appears from those comments that Savage and the powers that be believe that the superior supporting cast has allowed Anderson to break out like an eleven year old boy (I went through puberty early, ok?) rather than the other way around. And if that is the case, I find myself agreeing with that point of view.

Now, I’m no Quinn apologist. I don’t like Notre Dame and I generally distrust men who are prettier than me. Yet, when I add up Quinn’s performance in the preseason, some inside scoop about his impressive combine interview, and Notre Dame’s performance with vs. without Quinn, I am at least intrigued. When you add that to the fact that Anderson’s value is never likely to be higher than this off-season, I think the Browns would be well served to give him the highest tender and wait for the offers to roll in (which they certainly will). If they don’t match, a first round pick (presumably higher than the one we gave up for Brady) and third round pick would come the Browns’ way, which we could use on some fat guys to play defensive line. Sounds like a plan to me.

This one is sure to divide Clevelanders like nothing since the great Stadium Mustard vs. Ball Park Mustard debate. I don’t know why I’m thinking about this now (slow day at work, obviously). Forget it for now...let’s just drill the goddamn JETS!!

Go Browns.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Browns Lose, 21-27 to Arizona

For those that saw the game, and the last play, it's pretty obvious that K2 would have come down in bounds had he not been pushed out by Antrel Rolle and Oliver Celestin. Here is the push out rule from the NFL Rule Book:

8. A forward pass is complete when a receiver clearly possesses the pass and touches the ground with both feet inbounds while in possession of the ball. If a receiver would have landed inbounds with both feet but is carried or pushed out of bounds while maintaining possession of the ball, pass is complete at the out-of-bounds spot.

I'm not sure what the ref was looking at but it seemed pretty obvious to all of us in Portland! Anyway, to be in a position to win that game after having committed 4 turnovers is pretty amazing. This team is fun to watch, I just wish they'd show up in the first quarter sometimes.