Sunday, October 02, 2016

So This Is Progress...

TP is a bright spot for this new Browns team.
After reading over my article from last week, there is only one thing that I regret saying, and it is that I would feel remorseful for spending the time watching the game. Not only did I enjoy watching the Browns last week, I enjoyed watching the game go into overtime. I had the pleasure of meeting up with several other Browns fans who were on vacation, and we watched the second half together. Watching the game with friends, new and old, makes it so much more entertaining and enjoyable. Even though, as Parkey lined up to miss his last kick I turned to my new friend and said, "You know what's going to happen here, right?" And he responded, "Yup."  - it was still great fun to be IN the game. To be in that position, with that team, is in itself an amazing job by the Cleveland Browns' coaching staff.

Seriously, this dude was our quarterback last year!
So progress is what's on my mind this Sunday, especially after the big news this week of Josh Gordon's decision to enter re-hab. After last week, I am even more excited to watch the Browns play this afternoon. Have you looked at our roster lately? More importantly, have you looked at who is not on our roster? With the elimination of Manziel (1st rd. pick), Mingo (1st rd. pick), Gilbert (1st rd. pick), Bowe, and now, quite possibly Gordon, just to name a few, the Browns are completing a process of remaking their roster and filling it with players who WANT to play football for the right reasons.

Many folks feel like the Browns latest saga with Gordon is yet another let down, but I feel like it is the latest in this new management's effort to eliminate players who are not in line with the overall direction of this team. So in that sense, although losing his potential is unfortunate, filling his roster spot with yet another player who is interested in winning games and playing within Hue Jackson's system is an overall gain, not a loss.

Yes, Hue. Let's go in that direction!
Now let's just hope that the Browns can continue to display the progress they have so clearly made this year in three games, albeit losses. There will be a point where their effort and attitude and growing talent will tip the scales in the win/loss column and the Browns will start winning these close games. It may not be this year, but I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later, and I applaud this management team for moving us in a painful, but important direction away from the self absorbed, attention seeking football players who were more interested in the trappings of fame than the rewards of winning.