Wednesday, May 21, 2008


News out of Berea today. Daven Holly has been lost to what the Browns are calling a "serious knee injury." Holly will have surgery at the Cleveland Clinic on Friday, and will most assuredly contract a staph infection by Monday.

With the loss of Leigh Bodden, Holly was competing with Brandon McDonald for the starting spot across from Eric Wright. Readers of the site know that we are not big fans of Daven Holly, as he is often burned...badly. However, the already paper thin secondary could not afford an injury, and now the Browns will likely go searching for some help. Once Hanford Dixon gets out of jail (see below), maybe he's available.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Former Browns CB and c0-founder of the Dawg Pound Hanford Dixon was arrested on charges of DUI early Saturday morning.

Dixon is a private citizen now, so I wouldn't consider this particularly newsworthy, but I posted it because look at this picture?!?

I can't believe how old Hanford Dixon looks. He really is taking on the appearance of Cleo McDowell. This makes me feel ancient.