Sunday, April 27, 2008

Browns Select Beau Bell with 12th Pick in 4th Round

From Ryan and Kevin's Draft Report:

Players of interest to the Browns at MLB:
Beau Bell UNLV 6’1 244 4.9 4

Beau Bell is a player that is all over the map in terms of where teams value him. I have
seen him listed anywhere from round 1 to off of teams draft boards. This is mostly due to
poor workouts. On film, Bell looks like an animal. He plays fast, hits hard, and has the
rage of a “mad dog at a meat market.” I feel like I’ve heard that before. The trouble is, at
the Senior Bowl he looked very slow and stiff, and then his pro day was a disaster
running in the 4.9 range. He did throw up 225 25 times, but NFL teams tend to frown on
LB’s who are slower than offensive linemen…except the Browns (see Andra Davis).
Bell’s effort in the weight room and working out is similar to mine…poor at best, and his
classroom success has been described as “adequate”. Adequate academic success at
UNLV translates t o brain-dead at most universities. Even with those issues, Bell
remains an intriguing prospect for the Browns because of his nastiness against the run,
and his hard hitting nature…something that is sorely missed in the middle of the Browns
defense. He has been evaluated heavily by the Browns, and could be our pick at 122, and
could end up being a great find with the proper motivation. In case Phil Dawson or
Zastudil go down, Bell was the place kicker and punter in high school as well. I’m
guessing he was stuffed in fewer lockers than those guys though.