Thursday, February 14, 2008

Counterpoint: HE WANTS HIS 2 DOLLARS!

The fallout from Kellen Winslow's mention of wanting a new contract last week at the Pro Bowl has been as predictable as a Saved By the Bell plotline (Zack hatches a hare-brained idea, mischief ensues, the gang learns a valuable lesson, all is resolved). Fans and media alike (and even my fellow members of Metcalf Up the Middle) have been all over K2. "How dare he?" they scream, the righteous indignation dripping off their wagging tongues. "We stuck by him after his motorcycle accident. He owes the Browns."

I'm here to tell you that he doesn't owe the Browns anything. Sure, they honored his contract and worked with him so he got paid $11.6 million during the time he was out, but what was the alternative? Cutting him, maybe going after his money, and losing the most talented tight end in the NFL. If they had done that, you know who the current Browns tight end would be? Well, neither do I, but it certainly wouldn't be Winslow (perhaps Chad Mustard if he couldn't cut it with the Omaha Beef). The Browns didn't do it out of charity. They recognized the kind of game-changing player Winslow could be and didn't want him to end up somewhere else.

Is there anyone you would rather have on our team as TE? Me neither. I mean, honestly, if we needed a sack on defense on one play, I would probably put kam wimbley out there, but aside from him, my second choice would be Winslow. He has the kind of intensity and competitive nature that can help make his teammates better and his team great.

I'm not going to tell you that they should definitely re-do his contract right now, but the outrage over his comments is ridiculous. He is a little underpaid for what he brings to the table. If it were me, I'd at least explore the opportunity to give him some bonus money now and tie him up with a backloaded contract. His agent will be happy because he can brag about a big deal, but NFL deals aren't guaranteed so he may never see years 5 and 6 of the deal. I'd do the same with Braylon (though that is another column). With our line and those two weapons, our offense will be formidable for many years to come, no matter who is goosing Hank Fraley and taking the snaps.

The Browns are flush with cap space. I know, the average fan will tell me that they really need to fix the defense with that money, which is true. But it is not as if we need a complete personnel overhaul of the defense this offseason. (though the potential loss of Simon Fraser is heartbreaking...see "shart" column by the Bird, below). There are some pieces in place. We just need to add a couple key parts, which will lift the performance of some current pieces.

While we all would have preferred Winslow went to the Browns privately to express his desires, rather than popping off on the radio, don't just dismiss this as the ridiculous rants of "The Solider." Think a little more on it and I think you'll agree, it sure beats the hell out of returing to the Irv Smith era!

Booty Gets Shocked!

Quinn Denies Allegations

Cleveland Browns Quarterback, Brady Quinn, denied being involved in any altercation on New Year's Eve this year. He released a statement through the Browns which said:

"At no time that night was I involved in a verbal or physical altercation, nor did I have any interaction with the police. I want to be clear that I did not engage in any of the alleged conduct, nor did I make inappropriate comments to anyone. Any allegations to the contrary are either untrue or the result of misidentification."

The Browns followed up with their own statement:

"We are aware of the alleged comments made by Brady Quinn, which the Browns take seriously. After speaking with Brady and his representatives we find these reported accusations without merit."

Quinn claims to have been out to dinner with his girlfriend and a few other couples, and that nothing happened.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now It Seems Everyone Wants A Piece Of The Pie

First it's DA wanting a ridiculous deal for one year of work, now it's Winslow wanting to redo his deal because he's an "elite" tight end. Check out Tony Grossi's article about Winslow's production in December. I can't believe that this guy has the nerve to ask for a new deal when the Browns stood by him after his motorcycle accident. He collected $11.6 million during the two years he was injured. Pretty amazing. I've never missed a day of work...I think I definitely need a new deal. The only one who I hope gets his money is Jamal Lewis. The way I see it, he's got two more years of good football, and then he can transition into a part time roll while fostering a new younger back.

Simon Frasier To Test FA Market

This morning as I was eating my Apple Jacks I read that Browns Defensive End Simon Fraser was dissapointed in his playing time in Cleveland and would like to test the free agent market. Not only did I spit milk out of my nose, I also sharted and had to take a second shower. Good luck with that, you'll probably generate about as much interest as a Zima at a South Boston bar.

Were talking about a guy who (aside from being the lead guy on the wedge) is consistantly the worst player on the field when he gets in. Now I know some of you love him because he's an Upper Arlington boy, and an Ohio State Alum, and he has overachieved. But, I could give a rat's ass. I would rather sit in a computer chair at work all day in my stained underwear (from the aforementioned shart) than have to watch another defensive series with that guy. On running plays, he is so far form the action, he might as well be up in the coordiator booth. It is like he wants to play safety he is so far back from the line of scrimmage after the play. Maybe he is in the wrong system some people say. I don't care what system it is, any self respecting football player, let alone a defensive linemen shouldn't be so easy to blow off the line.

In a news article this morning, in some paper, that I can only assume it is the Upper Arlington high school newspaper, or possibly some Buckeye news outlet, said this about Simon Fraser's play, "For three seasons, Simon Fraser has been a reliable spare part, if not a spectacular one, on the Browns defensive line."

The use of the word spectacular is what led to me soiling myself. Are you kidding? The only thing spectacular about Simon Fraser is that he is still in the league. And maybe his hair.

Anyways, I wish him the best of luck. Who knows, maybe Denver will want you. In the words of Paul "Fitzy" Fitzpatrick...GFY.

Quinn Involved in Verbal Dispute

The Plain Dealer is reporting that Brady Quinn was involved in a verbal dispute on New Year's Day. Apparently Quinn and his entourage of 10 - 12 guys and girls were spewing anti gay slurs at people leaving a well known gay bar near where Quinn and his friends were eating. Let's hope that Quinn was just one of the crowd on this one. It sure would be dissapointing if Quinn, our possible future star QB, is enough of a toolbox that he's got to put down others who don't live exactly the same way he does...or do they? It's always seemed to me the the most homophobic men, are the ones with deep questions about their own sexuality. Let's hope this doesn't turn into a pattern for Quinn. I could care less what his sexual orientation is, as long as he wins games. But, just for good measure, maybe he should keep his mouth shut. Either handle your booze like a man, or stay home and nurse your Boones Farm.