Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Must Win?

Isn't every game a must win for an 0-5 team? I guess, but reality and desire have only met a few times for the Cleveland Browns this season, and in a few hours they will meet again. It is these meetings that the Cleveland Browns need to make the most of. They have fought hard in all five games thus far this season, but have fallen short by just a bit in three games, and by a large margin in their first and last game of the five.

The Titans are not a walk-over, but they are beatable, and the Browns must take advantage of this opening, because if they lose to the Titans this Sunday the positivity and steady leadership from Hue Jackson takes another hit, and players begin to doubt the good advice and the glass-half-full attitude that has made Hue so successful thus far.

After the Titans, the Browns face the Bengals and the Jets. Both of those teams are beatable, but after that, there is not much hope for a win. So it remains that the Browns' hopes for breaking into the win column are dwindling. Tennessee is a team that Cleveland can beat, at least on paper. A loss today will cement the Browns as the worst team in the league and throw into question whether or not they can win a game this season. Imagine that...wait, let's not.