Monday, September 12, 2016

Browns place Robert Griffin III on injured reserve

We're Back!

And so it begins again. Our last post was seven years ago, almost to the day. After the first game of the Hue Jackson Era, we've decided to get the band back together and vent, scheme, seek redemption, and have some fun. In the meantime, we've all started families and gotten old, so this blog will feature a variety of stories, mostly Browns related, but also political, etc. The idea is to use MUTM as a mostly Browns, but a general posting board for stuff we like and think is interesting. That's it. No pretence.

Below is the email I sent this past Sunday that got this ball rolling...


I'm sitting in a bar on Grand Cayman watching this debacle. While I never expected dominance, let alone a win, this has been tough. Usually it's week six or seven when I begin the question the prudence of dedicating four hours a week to this team, but after this, on week It's going to be a long season. (How many times have we heard that?)

I'm not even sure why I'm writing all of you, other than it's (especially) lonely being a Browns fan in a foreign country.

The crazy part is that I like what they're doing. Go young. Let people play. Draft well. Suck for a bit. But man, sucking blows!

Part of me wants to start Metcalf up the Middle again as a live blog during games. We could all contribute. It'd be hilarious. 

Anyway, off to do some home improvements followed by dinner on the beach. 

Peace out, dudes, and I hope you all had a good weekend. Hug your children, and tell them it will get better. 

In Hue/Sashi we trust?


Ps - I just saw an old dude roll by wearing a Charlie Frye Jersey. Going to talk to him now...