Friday, November 09, 2007

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Browns better than Week 1

Dear Metcalf Up the Middle:

It’s good to be back. I probably post on this site more than on my own blog, but that’ll happen.

So guess what’s going on this Sunday? You’ll never guess. Guess yet?

That’s right, it’s just as you feared.

5-4 isn’t that bad. Still above .500, still respectable, still a sign that Derek Anderson is playing out of his mind, even if he did get sacked 6 times and was picked up and carried into the end zone and body slammed by up and coming Ohioan James Harrison.

So you got that going for you.

You’ll nurse your injuries, and then beat Baltimore for sweet, sweet revenge. You’ll get over it. You’ll probably even make the playoffs. The Wild Card is an accomplishment! Don’t sell yourself short! I mean, Kellen Winslow’s a soldier. He really is. Dr. Z even feels sorry for him. May I quote:

"The Browns' Kellen played in pain the entire way, made big catches to set up two touchdowns, including the final one. A correspondent who was in the postgame locker room described the scene as follows: "Someone asked him, 'Is this your sweetest day as a pro?' He put his head down for a few moments. When he looked up there were tears running down his face. 'I'm sorry,' he said." You think that after something like that, I'm not going to raise the Brownies to the top 10?"

Yeah! You are in the Top 10, Way to go Girl! I hope—really—that game will not be your sweetest game as a pro. Because that would be sad. Really.

Good luck Sunday. You’re gonna need it. Don’t let this be you!

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Browns Ranked in TOP 10...Among Winning Teams!

Ahh...WHAT? Holy Cow! How did this happen? It's all too much too soon if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but ten? On Dr. Z's NFL Power Rankings, (who I can't believe still has a job solely based on how bad his pre-season picks usually are) the Cleveland Browns are ranked 10th in the league! And it gets better! On Mike McAllister's Power Rankings has the Browns at 9th in the league! Here are some of the teams that are ranked BELOW us! The Saints, Jaguars, Redskins, CHARGERS, Eagles, Bears, Broncos, and Bengals! Um...hello! Because the jaded, beaten little boy of a Cleveland fan will always have a strong voice inside me this whole thing just gives me the willys. It's like that good looking girl (most of you can feel free to take out the "good looking" part, and some of you "good looking" and "girl".) you meet in college who you hook-up with and the next thing you know she's talking about going to watch the school's soccer team the next day followed by dinner with her friends and maybe seeing a movie in her dorm. Um...this was pretty sweet for a bit, but now you're just freaking me out. I had sleeping in till noon, playing PS2 and hitting the bong on my to go. It's too much too soon. Why can't we stay under the radar a little bit? Just have us float around 16th or 18th for a few more weeks. Maybe meet up a few more times and see if this thing has legs? I know our record says we should be where we are, but I still feel very uncomfortable with it. I'm definitely not used to the feeling that we're supposed to win games. And how about actually coming back to win a game? It's like we're suddenly a real team. But I just can't believe it, not yet. If we beat the Steelers, then yes, I believe. But for now I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. As sad as that is, it's the truth.