Tuesday, July 31, 2007


4 reasons Brady Quinn needs to regain my love.

1. He spent the off-season taking pictures of himself in some of the gayest situations possible. His friends must be idiots or tools for allowing pictures of BQ grabbing crotches, posing with no shirt on the cover of Men's Health, or rear ending rock stars. Although they are ND students, so if you have met any like I have in Chicago, you would understand. Just terrible dorks.

2. On draft day, the player we chose over Quinn was out fishing with dad. Brady Quinn on the other hand looked like he had a stylist pick out his clothes, do his hair and makeup, and even got him a girl for his arm so he didn't look so gay. In contrast, Thomas has an aunt who comes to every training camp practice with an orange mohawk and 50+ tattoos. Which player do you think will endear themselves to Clevelanders.

3. We went out on a limb to draft him. As draft day went on, and Brady looked more and more pathetic, the Browns took a huge gamble giving up a probable early 1st rounder to bring him to the team he wanted to be. Brady Quinn was drafted 22nd and wants top 10 money. Sorry, Mr. Condon, but we did your client a favor. Try getting top 10 money from the team that selected him 25. Quit jerking us around.

4. He can start. Lumbering Derrick Anderson and jittery Charlie Frye are in a battle for who is the worst starting quarterback in the league. If Quinn stepped in (and snuffleupegus Charlie Weiss isn't full of shit about BQ being so NFL ready) and showed us anything , he could lead a new offense with healthy talent both at skill positions and the o line. Get your ass, and abs, and sweet hair in camp.