Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thoughts on Final Cuts, the QB Situation and Bernie Kosar

*Each time I listen to Bernie Kosar open his mouth, I die a little inside. I mean sure, he has some good insights and really knows defenses. I think he'd make a good offensive coordinator (though it's pretty clear his team would thrown 99% of the time). But either he has a real problem or he's pulling a Harry Doyle and keeping a nipper of Jack Daniels up there in the broadcast booth with him.

*No real surprises among final cuts. Derek Anderson made it for now and would likely step in if Charlie Frye gets injured in Week 1 and is out for awhile. Otherwise, he will get the most coveted job in sports...the 3rd QB. This is a pretty good life.

*Cutting Melila "Manu Manu the Slender" Purcell is disappointing, though not surprising, considering that Bird couldn't find him listed in any draft guide. My guess is that he'll end up on the practice squad. Chase Pittman and his hair were also let go. Pittman may end up on the practice squad, or he may end up in a boy band.

*Kudos to Kris Griffin for apparently making the team. He has become a fast favorite among those of us here at Metcalf up the Middle.

*Brady Quinn makes me feel giddy. He goes through his reads quickly and makes smart decisions with the football. We all remember Tim Couch dinking and dunking his way downfield, but he always appeared to use those outlets because he was panicked. Quinn calmly goes through his progressions quickly and seems to make the right reads most of the time. However....

*Charlie Frye starting game 1 is the right move. Charlie has some mobility and hasn't been terrible during preseason (Derek Anderson has). We play Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New England in the early weeks. No use throwing Brady to those wolves. If Frye succeeds against those teams, great. If not, look for Brady to start after the bye week.

*Look for the Browns to take a flyer on defensive end Bobby Hamilton, long-time Crennel protege in the 3-4, who was recently cut by the Jets. Seth Payne who went to Cornell (ever heard of it?) and sang in the group Here Comes Treble with Dunder Mifflin's own Andy Bernard, may also provide some help.

* One week until the bullets start flying for reals. Get your jersey out of storage (who am I've been wearing it all year. Brown and orange looks good with everything).

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Separated at Birth?

Willie McGinest and Lennie James from the show Jericho...separated at birth?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Browns Broncos Update

Separated at birth 1. Simon Fraser and Mad Dog Bob Golic

Separated At Birth 2 Leon Williams and the Predator

After the disgrace that was the Lions game last week, the Browns came out and solidified the team in a great effort against the Broncos. Here are some thoughts.

  • Welcome to the season Joe Jurevicious. A virtual apparition so far throughout training camp and week 2, JJ showed up with some nice routes, good hands, and an almost perfect TD hookup with Brady Quinn (who I will discuss later).

  • Amon Gordon is a starter in Denver. How many Browns can fill the Bronco D line. I bet their just salivating over the thought of Alvin McKinley as a FA. Oh wait, they already signed him. Next year we could see the dynamic duo of Simon Fraser and Babatunde Oshinowo in Bronco uniforms. Where is Mike Myers(cincy). He would be a much better DE that the fat Smith. Shawn Smith at DE has been a disappointment so far. He has been lost and has not made an impact. Although with Orpheus on the mend, he is better than the alternatives, i.e. Simon Fraser (aka poor mans Bob Golic).

  • On the opening drive I noticed a few keys that I am very optimistic about. 1. The pass protection looks great. 2. With that being said, went it broke down, it is still nice to have the legs and athleticism of Charlie Frye.3. No more stupid penalties in the red zone. 4. Jamal Lewis is awesome running behind the left side of our line.

  • If we can't get pressure on the QB, our zone is holier than the Pope. Our LB's don't drop far enough, and our CB's leave too much cushion. We can't keep giving up 3rd and 12's and hope to win.

  • Braylon looks like a new player this year. He is a bona fide superstar this year.

  • D'Qwell Jackson was an absolute animal this game. He is consistently around the ball, but tonight he came with authority. He played like a beast, and I hope to see it continue. His partner Leon "The Predator" Williams was solid again against the run, but he needs to get back in those aforementioned zone defensive schemes. We just can't give up those 30 Yard chunks on drag routes.

  • In the roster battle between Chaun Thompson and David McMillan, CT found himself a spot in the game. He was in another gear tonight, chasing down QB's running backs, and being a stud on special teams. Kris Griffin also should earn a spot over Mason Unk, Clifton Smith, and Jason Short. He has been a sure tackler and is a special teams star.

  • Our Defense is now littered with play-makers on the ends, the middle, and in the secondary.

  • Brady Quinn instills confidence in me. He has command out there. Even his dump off passes came after he went through his progressions, and then he zipped it to the back. I really think he is going to be great for us. That being said, I think we wait to start him until after the bye week week 7. Let Frye take the beatings from Pittsburgh, NE , and Baltimore. If we can sneak out some wins, Quinn can emerge for the second half of the season with an easier looking schedule.

  • Kenny Wright made some nice plays. I didn't think much of the signing in the off season, but the more I watched him, the more I think he can give us much needed depth at CB.

  • Overall, a solid performance by the first teamers against a good team. Our offense was rhythmic and dominating. Our Defense was solid, but never was able to deliver the knock out punch. If they can figure out how to get off of the field on third down, we should look good.