Friday, February 29, 2008

Early Strike

The Browns sent us on an emotional roller-coaster this morning. The trade for Corey Williams is an excellent move. He's big and stout against the run, and has surprising quickness. You may not like the 3-4 system, but it is here to stay with the Browns, and Corey Williams is a good fit.

The news that Derek Anderson had hit the free agent market made most Browns fans happy. It is no secret that most Cleveland fans clamor for Brady Quinn (maybe not the fans in Westlake). Anderson was on the market for a grand total of about nine hours before he re-signed with the Browns. Something smells weird on this one. Either Anderson took a quick look and realized no one was going to give him the big money he was looking for or Phil "The Macho Man" Savage has something else up his sleeve.

Just speculation, but Miami has no QB at the moment. Maybe they would like a proven QB who all of a sudden has a very manageable contract. Maybe they would prefer to do that than spend the $30 million guaranteed it will take to sign the #1 pick. Watch free agency closely. If the Dolphins don't pick up a QB, things could get interesting...stay tuned.

Meanwhile, a national writer actually just wrote this:

"In my book, the Anderson and Lewis re-signings as well as the trade to acquire Green Bay defensive tackle Corey Williams makes -- gasp! --- Cleveland the team to beat in the AFC North."


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Orpheus Roye was released by the Browns today. I'd make some joke about "Orpheus" related to The Matrix, but I'm not into science fiction...NERD. Roye has been with the Browns since 2000, and he has been one (maybe the only) reliable presence on the front line for much of that time. Perhaps most importantly, he always seemed to have a little extra tiger in the tank when the Browns played the Steelers, something that was greatly appreciated by the fans. In the end, injuries caught up to the grizzled veteran.

This release amplifies the already pronounced need to add bodies along the defensive line. Look for the Browns to take a run at the prototypical high motor white guy Justin Smith early in free agency.

Me Fail English? That's Un-Possible!

Loyal readers (both of you) may remember Roderick Green from the 2004 Draft Report. Green was notable in that he achieved (achieved?!?) the lowest score in the history of the Wonderlic. Green scored a whopping 3 out of 50 questions correct. The Roderick Green Memorial Award for lowest Wonderlic score has been passed out in each subsequent draft report.

Well, Mr. Green signed a new contract with the 49ers today. Congratulations, Professor!