Sunday, June 03, 2007

Look at My Boobie

The Cavs win. As much fun as the celebration was last evening after LeBron and the Cavs completed a four game series win over the cry baby Pistons, we still have one more series. It would appear from the celebration that the Cavs and the fans (myself included) partied like we won the whole thing. From how I am feeling right now, I can't imagine the hangover after an actual championship. After watching young Boobie Gibson splashing threes for a huge fourth quarter, there were many man hugs between my good friend and I. However, as Cleveland fans, we waited until the actual buzzer to actually feel like the game was ours. We were not in Cleveland unfortunately where the party must have been awesome. I can just imagine the treats hanging out at the Blind Pig. How many girls got laid last night in their LeBron Jerseys? We happened to be in the heart of Red Sox nation in a bar playing techno while we were watching the game. How did we celebrate? Bottle of Champagne at the bar (after numerous Coors Lights with a lime (a la MFH) and victory shots and Jagger Bombs. It was quite a scene. A bunch of Massholes grinding behind us while we were toasting and hugging and swilling Champagne. The hot bartenders were puzzled as we literally were waving goodbye to the TV as the big baby Rasheed was ejected. All I can say is I think in our bar in Boston, we celebrated like we were sitting court-side at the Q. I think we did Cleveland proud, and I'm sure Cleveland fans across the world did likewise. As fun as last night was, it all means nothing without 4 more wins. Lets go Cavs.