Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tonight Is Our Christmas Eve, 8-8 Is Our Super Bowl

I'm almost 30. As in like, 47 days away. And over the past few months, as I've watched my birthday creep up, I've been thinking a lot about my life, and what I'm doing with it. Is my job fulfilling? Do I need to make more money? Is my 401k properly distributed between stocks and bonds? But for the first time, in a long time, (well since last year I guess) I've forgotten about all the pressures of my career (if you can call it that), family, and my future, and I've been swept up by the optimism of a new season for the Cleveland Browns. Sad maybe, or pathetic, I'm not sure. But I do know it's true.
When I was little, on Christmas Eve I used to want to go to bed as fast as possible so that tomorrow would come and I could run downstairs and open up my gifts! I feel that way right now (with a little less innocence, and about 7 drinks thrown in...) and it's a nice feeling. To start anew, with eternal optimism and hope for nothing but the best, are some of the best characteristics that make us human. But they're also some of the wonderful feelings that we get from sports. We've all read the articles about the draw of sports to the average man, and these traits I guess, are what draw me.
Listening to Phil Savage's presser from a week ago, you'd think that this team is really competitive. The scary part is that I believe him. I think we are competitive. We've got some real talent here now. Our LB's are legit. Our receivers are pretty damn good. Our O-Line seems to be pretty solid. K2 is nasty. And hopefully, with some luck, and not too many injuries, we might win our fair share of games.
8 games is all I'm asking for. I want to run downstairs and open up a box of 8 wins this Christmas. That's it. Just give me .500 and we might as well have won the Super Bowl as far as I'm concerned.
And so tomorrow, as the saying goes, "we're all undefeated". And hope springs eternal. And if a dandelion were hard to grow it would be most welcome in any garden. (not sure where that came from) And I'm excited! So I'm off to bed to wake up tomorrow and put on my Quinn jersey! In Romeo We Trust...